Meet Style-At-Iz, your on-demand personal stylist

Meet Style-At-Iz, your on-demand personal stylistMeet Style-At-Iz, your on-demand personal stylistMeet Style-At-Iz, your on-demand personal stylist

Chat with your stylist, explore season's hottest trends, shop personalized curated looks, and more with our iOS  app!

During these difficult times of COVID-19, Style-At-Iz is partnering with local stores all over to help market products to our users.  Click below to review some  of the featured products !

Clothing swapping (Sustainable Wardrobe)

Clothing swapping can further promote the reduction, reuse, and recycling of clothing. By reusing clothing that's already been made and recycling clothing from one owner to another, source reduction can be achieved. This moves away from usage of new raw materials to make more clothing available for consumption. Through the method of clothing swapping,an alternative resource for consumers to ultimately save in regards to money and time is provided. It reduces transportation emissions, costs, and the time it takes to drive and search through the chaos of most clothing stores. Swapping clothes further promotes the use of sustainable online shopping and the internet as well as an increase of social bonds through online communication or effective personal communication in "clothing swap parties". The EPA states, that by reusing items, at the source waste can be diverted from ending up in landfills because it delays or avoids that item's entry in the waste collection and disposal system

Discover new looks and get inspired

Explore  what's trending with our curated outfits styled by Style-At-Iz stylists or get inspired by looks put together by the community! New looks added daily.

The first AI intelligent wardrobe

We use your style preferences and machine learning to show you looks we think you'll love and surface the most relevant recommendations.  Say goodbye to time wasted in searching for the perfect outfit!

Your personal stylist at your fingertips

Have an upcoming event, but don't know what to wear?  We've got you covered! Personally chat with Style-At-Iz stylists at your convenience and feel confident rocking your 'fit.


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